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美国政府发布锻炼指南 晨练有益处

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AZUZ: For kids and young people, U.S. government recommends at least an hour of exercise every day. For adults, it suggests between two and a half and five hours per week. It doesn't specify when you should exercise. Experts say just making sure you do it is the important thing.

But if you're getting enough sleep, there are some benefits to working out in the morning, having more energy throughout the day is one of them.

How do you get started doing that?

DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: I think one of the important things to remember about becoming a morning exerciser is that it can have added benefits both physically and mentally.

It's also one of those things that is just easy to check off the list. Because you know, it's likely to fall off your list later on in the day.

How do you convince yourself not to hit that snooze button? Well, I'm there. You're there. We've all been there.

It goes without saying that the first thing is make sure you are actually getting enough sleep. We are talking seven to eight hours. And then give yourself a little bit of accountability.

Sometimes, it's a question of having a friend who is really going to hold you accountable, make sure that you are getting up, make sure that you are doing that exercise routine and hold yourself accountable as well. Make that deal with yourself. Get that exercise out of the way and reward yourself in small ways throughout the day because of it.

Human behavior is pretty simple when it comes to certain things. If we do things that we love we are much more likely to stick with doing them. Why?

It makes much more likely to do it for the long run.

And that's what can help you live through a 100.





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