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伊朗反政府示威超20人死 特朗普发推文声援

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AZUZ: Over the past week, demonstrations against Iran's government, a theocratic republic, that led to the deaths of 21 people and the arrest of hundreds. And though an Iranian military official says the protests are officially over, they were seen as the strongest challenge to the nation's government since massive demonstrations were held in 2009 over controversial elections. Social media video appears to show unrest in several Iranian cities, including the capital of Tehran.

This started last Thursday. Reasons included a downturn in Iran's economy, corruption that spread throughout the country, rising food and gas prices and the cost of living that stayed relatively high.

U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted his support of the protesters, saying he had respect for those trying to, quote, take back their corrupt government. Some Iranian officials had blamed the United States and its allies for provoking the rallies against the Iranian government. There was a counterprotest held this week with thousands marching in support of Iran's government. Some of the people there chanted "death to America".

Observers around the world will be watching what happens in Iran this Friday, when protests are held in the Middle Eastern nation, they often start after Friday prayers.





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