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亚热带风暴阿尔伯托来袭 美国三州进入紧急状态

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While we were on the subject of seasons, the Atlantic hurricane season typically runs from June 1st through November 30th. But as we've said before, these storms don't always follow the calendar, and the good example of that was spinning in the Gulf of Mexico as we produced the show.

Alberto is the first named storm of 2018. It was travelling north through the gulf Sunday night and it made landfall on Monday afternoon in Florida.

Alberto was classified yesterday as a subtropical storm. Characteristics include sustained wind speeds of almost 65 miles per hour, and these winds can blow further from the center of the system than they usually do with the tropical storm. So, the three states most likely to be affected: Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi have declared states of emergency to speed up help to those who need it.

Alberto's dangers included tornadoes, a storm surge, when coastal sea levels rise as winds blow water ashore, and especially flooding. And though the storm has relatively early in the season, meteorologists say its formation doesn't necessarily mean that this year's hurricane season will be as busy as last year's. These seasons are hard to predict and the National Hurricane Center says it expects this year's to be near or above normal.

Alberto isn't the only weather event that's causing trouble for the U.S. And in a short of period on Sunday, more than nine inches of rain fell on some parts of the eastern state of Maryland. This caused the Patapsco River to rise almost 18 feet and the flooding was tremendous.





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