China runner-up in U-20 volleyball at BRICS Games

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China's U-20 national volleyball team beat Brazil 3-1 at the BRICS Games. [Photo:]

China's volleyball team has wrapped up its campaign at the ongoing BRICS Games in Guangzhou with a 3-sets-to-1 victory against Brazil.

The Under-20 team finished the tournament in second place with 3 wins and one defeat.

The matches are being considered good preparation for next month's World Championship in Mexico.

CRI's Fu Yu has more.

The BRICS Games is providing a venue for young Chinese team to play competitively together this year for the first time.

Coach Shen Mang says it's a good chance to throw the young players into action, getting them valuable court time ahead of the World Championship.

"This is our first tournament since we started intensive training two months ago. The players are not used to competition right now, and are rather tentative on court, so they haven't got a good vibe about their matches. We need to match our level that we've had in training and show our determination, so we can stay motivated and play well."

The Under-20 team serves as a talent pool for China's national team.

As such, Shen Mang says he selected the current squad for the BRICS Games with several key points in mind.

"We called up the best players from each province based on our needs on different positions, such as the setter, on training young talent for the national team, and on preparations for the World Championship to play against teams from western countries. We only want players that are the best in their position, have big potential and are capable of playing against strong opponents."

Newcomer Chen Peiyan is making her debut for this Under-20 team.

The teenager says she's not putting too much pressure on herself ahead of the World Championship.

"It's not like a goal for myself but I just want to do as well as I did in training. I will put myself in the right position and be myself."

The same Chinese team is set to travel to Brazil for an invitational early next month before they come up against Brazil and India again at the World Championship in Mexico.

For CRI, this is Fu Yu reporting from Guangzhou.





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