小贝出演BBC纪录片 将在七大洲踢七场足球赛

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David Beckham to play 7 football games in 7 continents - including Antarctica

小贝出演BBC纪录片 将在七大洲踢七场足球赛

David Beckham is to go around the world for a new TV documentary playing seven football games in seven continents – including the first ever game in Antarctica.


The new BBC film 'Beckham: For the love of the game' will start in humble communities playing with youngsters.

这部由英国广播公司(BBC)制作的纪录片名为《贝克汉姆:为挚爱的足球而战》,这部片子将以小贝在 简陋的社区与孩子们踢球开篇。

It will end where it all began for the former England captain at Old Trafford, where he plays his final game with a host of internationally renowned footballing legends who he played for and against in his illustrious career.

纪录片将在老特拉福德球场(Old Trafford)结束,这也是这位前英格兰队长开始的地方。小贝将在这片球场上与许多在他光辉的球员生涯中并肩作战过或对抗过的国际知名足球传奇人物踢最后一场比赛。

According to the BBC, he will journey into the heart of countries travelling through difficult and sometimes dangerous terrains to get to the pitches.


Locations include the villages of Papua New Guinea, the foothills of Nepal, the streets of Buenos Aires, the desert plains of Djibouti and the elevated pitches of Miami.


He will meet the locals and play a seven a-side or eleven a-side game with two teams drawn from the local community.


Matches will be played in locations from the vast, unexplored jungle of Papua New Guinea to the frozen lands of Antarctica; the first time a match has been played there.


Beckham said: "I remember sitting on a plane and discussing this idea with friends and never thinking it would become a reality. I'm genuinely excited now we can realise this ambitious idea.


"Whether as a player or out in the field for UNICEF and other charitable partners, I have seen the transformational effect that sport and in particular football has on people's lives.


"This epic journey will allow me to show the positive side of the game I love and shine a light on the passion and selflessness of people that play this sport as a force for good."


The 90 minute film is likely to be shown on BBC1 next year, following on from his doc Into The Unknown in 2014 where he travelled across Brazil on a motorbike.


Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, said: "David Beckham returns to BBC One for a special film following his long held personal ambition to play seven games of football in every continent around the world from Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Chile to Antarctica.

BBC1台主管夏洛特•摩尔(Charlotte Moore)说:“贝克汉姆重回BBC1频道参与一部特别的纪录片的摄制。这部纪录片将追随他完成一直以来的夙愿:在世界七大洲踢七场球——从尼泊尔、巴布亚新几内亚、智利到南极洲。”

"David has set himself the challenge to highlight how the beautiful game can be a transformational force for good in the way it change lives and brings communities together amongst some of the most isolated and vulnerable people in the world."



terrain [te'rein, tə-, 'terein]
n. [地理] 地形,地势;领域;地带

illustrious [i'lʌstriəs]
adj. 著名的,杰出的;辉煌的

pitch [pitʃ]
vi. 倾斜;投掷;搭帐篷;坠落vt. 投;掷;定位于;用沥青涂;扎营;向前倾跌n. 沥青;音高;程度;树脂;倾斜;投掷

foothill ['futhil]
n. 山麓小丘;丘陵地带

elevate ['eliveit]
vt. 提升;举起;振奋情绪等;提升…的职位






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