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Uruguay striker Luis Suarez could once again be in trouble after appearing to bite an Italian opponent Tuesday in a key World Cup qualifying game.

The incident, visible on television replays, showed Suarez apparently bite the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini as the pair clashed in the Italian penalty area.

Suarez was chasing the ball and was blocked by the Italy defender. He buried his mouth briefly in Chiellini’s shoulder and the Italian player fell over, apparently in pain and clutching the shoulder.

But the controversial forward said after the game, 'I had contact with his shoulder, nothing more, things like that happen all the time.’

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce said last night: ‘I have watched the incident several times on television. There is no doubt Luis Suarez is a fantastic footballer but, once again, his actions have left him open to severe criticism. FIFA must investigate the incident.’

A Norway gambling website posted a prop bet that Luis Suarez would bite someone before the World Cup, and 167 people have cashed in.