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Want To Buy Everyday Stuff With Bitcoin: A User's Guide


Deep in the unregulated underbelly of the Internet, bitcoin is the crypto-currency of the realm, making as many headlines for its volatile price as it has for its popularity with criminals seeking anonymity.


These are reasons enough to keep most people away. But bitcoin keeps popping up in more places as a way to pay for legal, everyday things. So I spent a week using the virtual currency and my experience surprised me: It was neither anonymous nor shadowy.


Though my hunt for places to spend bitcoin did turn up a questionable massage parlor, it didn't require venturing into fishy corners of the Internet. I used bitcoin to buy cupcakes and sushi at local shops, and I got a Grumpy Cat sweatshirt at Overstock.com.

在找地方花比特币的过程中,我确实碰到过一家不太靠谱的按摩院,但我并不需要冒险进入互联网世界的可疑角落。我用比特币在本地的商家购买了纸杯蛋糕和寿司,还在Overstock.com上买了一件不爽猫(Grumpy Cat)运动衫。

Bitcoin isn't ready to replace credit cards or PayPal. It lacks wide acceptance, consumer protections and stability. The currency is in crisis right now, after hacking attacks disabled two of the biggest exchanges, making bitcoin lose a third of its value. During the course of a week, my own bitcoin lost as much as 7% of its value.


But that isn't stopping me from keeping a small wallet of the first major Internet currency. I'm no speculator, I'm not investing my savings in bitcoin, or recommending that anyone does that. I'm interested in what it might enable -- a 'tip jar' for online art, or small daily donations to charity. And if you're intrigued, too, this column will hopefully help you keep from losing your shirt.


The good news is you don't have to put much money at risk to try it out. I didn't even buy an entire 'coin' -- just 0.25 of one, or about $160. I signed up for a virtual wallet, which promises to safeguard the string of code that is your money, and exchanges dollars for bitcoin (and vice versa). I recommend Coinbase, whose wallet connects to your regular bank account and charges a small fee, about 1%, with each trade.


Are these people trustworthy? Coinbase is backed by some big names in Silicon Valley, but has nothing like the government-backed guarantees of using dollars in a regular bank. In the past 15 months, Coinbase says it has set up nearly one million consumer wallets.

那么这些人可信吗?Coinbase有硅谷(Silicon Valley)一些著名人物的支持,但不像在普通银行使用美元那样能获得政府担保。Coinbase称,在过去15个月里,该公司已经为消费者建了近一百万只钱包。

What surprised me most is how Coinbase strips some anonymity out of the currency. To buy bitcoin, it asked me for my bank account information, my credit-card numbers, even my bank website login details. The company doesn't retain all that info but it is used to speed up the verification process, which can normally take four days.


The point of gathering all this information, says CEO Brian Armstrong, is to prevent 'shenanigans, ' so the traditional banks will see Coinbase as legitimate.

Coinbase首席执行长布莱恩·阿姆斯特朗(Brian Armstrong)表示,搜集这一切信息是为了防止一些人“耍滑头”,以让传统银行认可Coinbase的合法性。

Coinbase has done a good job of simplifying bitcoin use. To pay for sushi at a local shop, I used the Coinbase app on my Android phone to scan the QR code presented by my server. (Apple hasn't yet approved the Coinbase app for iPhone, but you can make payments via the Web.)


Once I confirmed my sushi payment, the money transferred instantly. For consumers, bitcoin's speed can be a dual-edged sword: If something goes wrong, there's no third party to intercede and get your money back. And returns can be tricky on a currency with a wildly fluctuating value. (Fortunately, I had no complaints about my sushi.)


Making a purchase online works much the same. At the Overstock.com checkout page, I chose to pay by bitcoin, and then scanned an on-screen code with my phone.


So why bother using bitcoin? Bitcoin doesn't really solve mainstream consumer problems like speed and convenience, says Mark T. Williams, who teaches finance at Boston University and is a bitcoin skeptic. 'It solves a problem if you want to send stuff secretly.'

那么,我们为什么要费这么多事去使用比特币呢?在波士顿大学(Boston University)教金融学的马克·T.威廉斯(Mark T. Williams)对比特币持怀疑态度,他说,比特币并不能真正解决消费者遇到的主流问题,比如速度和便利性。他还称:“如果你想偷偷摸摸地发送什么东西,比特币倒是能解决问题。”

Though Coinbase and other wallets collect information about you, you can still try to make transfers or payments anonymous. If someone gives you bitcoin, you can set up a Coinbase wallet without entering many personal details -- though you'll need to verify yourself if you want to turn your bitcoin back into dollars.


Getting merchants on board will be a slog. Some 3, 000 businesses around the world accept bitcoin for payment, according to Coinmap.org. There are more than 60 in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, but I still struggled to find places worth spending my bitcoin. When I did, paying with bitcoin was usually speedy, but certainly not faster than using a credit card or cash.

让商家接受比特币是件难事。根据可显示接受比特币商家地理位置的网站Coinmap.org,全球大约有3,000个商家接受比特币支付。我生活的旧金山湾区(San Francisco Bay Area)有超过60个商家接受比特币,但要找到一家值得花钱的地方仍要颇费一番周折。地方一旦找到,用比特币支付通常是很快的,不过当然了,没有信用卡或现金快。

Overstock is planning to offer a financial incentive to paying with bitcoin. Since bitcoin payments save the retailer credit-card fees, Overstock will give bitcoin customers 1% back on their purchases (in store credit).


So far, the killer app for bitcoin may be international transfers, a process made costly and slow by traditional banks and services like PayPal. I tried sending $10 worth of bitcoin to my friend Kevin in Hong Kong. In minutes, he was up on Coinbase and zapping the money back to me. I sent it over the Pacific again, impressed at our ability to play ping pong with a financial process that normally takes days.


But when Kevin tried to spend his bitcoin in Hong Kong, opportunities were slim. He found a massage parlor that accepts it, but his wife wasn't impressed with his proposal to sample its services. Eventually Kevin found a florist (wife-approved), but I hadn't sent him enough to buy a bouquet. To buy more bitcoin, a legitimate-seeming Hong Kong wallet company asked for his passport, proof of address -- and more time.


Someday, all of this might be easier. Taking a vacation with bitcoin might provide a way to avoid international currency and credit card fees. But that day isn't here yet.


'Some day' -- I found myself thinking that a lot while using Bitcoin. It may be a currency of the future, but it's still looking for a reason to be useful in the present.



incentive [in'sentiv]
n. 动机;刺激adj. 激励的;刺激的

stability [stə'biliti]
n. 稳定性;坚定,恒心

consumer [kən'sju:mə]
n. 消费者;用户,顾客

charity ['tʃærəti]
n. 慈善;施舍;慈善团体;宽容;施舍物

retailer ['ri:teilə]
n. 零售商;传播的人

anonymous [ə'nɔniməs]
adj. 匿名的,无名的;无个性特征的

massage ['mæsɑ:ʒ, mə's-]
vt. 按摩;揉n. 按摩;揉

sushi ['su:ʃi]
n. 寿司(生鱼片冷饭团)

acceptance [ək'septəns]
n. 接受;接纳;[金融] 承兑;赞同

volatile ['vɔlətail]
adj. [化学] 挥发性的;不稳定的;爆炸性的;反覆无常的n. 挥发物;有翅的动物