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Levi Strauss CEO: Stop washing your jeans


Talk about fashion with a long lead time: Today, May 20, marks the 141st birthday of the Levi's 501 jean. As CEO Chip Bergh remarked at Fortune's Brainstorm Green conference in Laguna Niguel, Calif., "We are the ultimate in sustainable apparel. If you buy our jeans they will last a lot longer than most people's waistlines will." Levi's are also, Bergh said, the No. 1 brand in secondhand apparel stores.

今天我们来说说一个具有悠久历史的时装品牌:5月20日是李维斯(Levi's )501牛仔裤的141岁生日。在《财富》杂志(Fortune)于加州拉古纳尼古尔主办的绿色头脑风暴大会(Brainstorm Green)上,李维斯CEO奇普•伯格表示,“我们把可持续服装做到了极致。如果你购买我们的牛仔裤,它们的使用寿命将比大多数人的腰围长得多。”伯格说,李维斯也是二手服装店的头号品牌。

At a time when throwaway, or "fast" fashion remains dominant, Levi Strauss & Co. is something of an anomaly. Not only are its clothes known for their durability and longevity, but the company is far ahead of the sustainability curve, especially for an apparel company.

在这个一次性或“快速”时装依然占主导地位的时代,李维斯公司(Levi Strauss & Co)多少有点另类。它的服装不仅以耐用性和长寿著称,而且这家公司也远远领先于可持续发展曲线,尤其是对于一个服装公司而言。

One of the most innovative ideas Bergh discussed was part of the company's Wellthread initiative, a small Dockers collection that is, in his words, "sustainable in every facet of the word," which means both economically and socially sustainable. Not only are the clothes much greener -- made with much less energy and water out of fabrics that are easier to recycle -- but they are manufactured in plants where workers' well-being is measured and meets high standards. For now, it's just an experiment, and a "premium-priced" one at that, available in Europe (and online in the U.S.), but Bergh says he is "encouraged" by early results.


Bergh also had some surprising things to say about how to reduce water use in his business. Only half of water usage happens in the jean production process, which means that the other half happens at home, when the customer washes his jeans repeatedly in order to end up with the right color and fit. Levi's is producing a line of products called "Waterless," which you can request in stores.


And if you want to do your part for sustainability, Bergh has another idea: Stop washing your jeans. "These jeans have yet to see a washing machine," he said of the dark blue pair he wore onstage, which he's owned for an entire year. "I have yet to get a skin disease." Still, one has to hope those jeans will be washed before they celebrate their second birthday -- let alone their 141st.



ultimate ['ʌltimət]
adj. 最终的;极限的;根本的n. 终极;根本;基本原则

dominant ['dɔminənt]
adj. 显性的;占优势的;支配的,统治的n. 显性

curve [kə:v]
n. 曲线;弯曲;曲线球;曲线图表vt. 弯;使弯曲vi. 成曲形adj. 弯曲的;曲线形的

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adj. 革新的,创新的

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n. 会议;协商;讨论;联盟






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