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1. “I don’t have the money.”


This is probably the most common excuse given by people for not travelling. Yet you should understand that not all traveling experience has to be a five star, luxurious vacation. Also consider the fact that you spend a lot of money on things you don’t really need, such money which can be diverted on learning experiences during traveling. Also you should consider that many people who travel are not the richest people of our society.


2. “I don’t speak the language.”


This excuse may have applied many years or even a century ago, but not in 2015. Such an excuse can be taken care of with the use of these wonderful apps that can prove handy while traveling. Some of these apps help translate words, signs and sentences and can offer you pictures that will help you convey the message to the foreigner you are trying to speak to.


3. “I have never traveled before.”


Traveling should mean stepping out of your comfort zone. To enjoy and get the best out of life does require trying new things every once in a while. To ease your anxiety, you can look through some travel blogs and gain enough information and knowledge about travel and destinations. You will be rewarded if you take that challenge to get out of your comfort zone and try something you have never done before.


4. “I am stuck with my job.”


This is partially true. In a lot of cases your boss wants you to be happy and productive, and he will want to keep you at his company. Traveling helps you to get the best out of your job and be more efficient at it, so why let your job limit you.


5. “I don’t have anyone to go with.”


It is understandable if everyone doesn’t share your desire for traveling. Many people are content with living their lives in a particular city. But that shouldn’t be you. You could travel alone or you could travel with a group of other travelers who want to travel.


6. “I don’t think travel is safe.”


Well traveling is as dangerous as crossing the street. There are a lot of risky ventures in life, but why let fear control our lives? The best way to travel is to travel smart and that could ascertain when and which location to visit.


7. “I have so many loans to pay.”


From mortgage to student loans, many persons carry this burden of debt they will be paying for years. But why let a long-term duty disturb the moment. Getting a job on the road could also help you pay any of these loans. Or you could rent your home for extra cash while you will be traveling and seeing new territories!


8. “There is no place I want to travel to.”


Certainly you will want to travel somewhere, maybe you have not checked through amazing Instagram photos and travel blogs to filter pictures that will motivate you enough to pick up a bag and book a ticket.


9. “I am too young.”


While traveling solo as a toddler should not be condoned, that doesn’t mean teens should not venture out and explore the world. As a youngster, it is left for you to convince your parent to understand the benefits of traveling and offer you an opportunity to see the world . The educational benefits should not be undermined and this should be enough to inspire your travel.


10. “I am too old.”


More older citizens are engaging in seeing the world and discovering themselves. Many organizations are catering to this unique demographic.



convey [kən'vei]
vt. 传达;运输;让与

productive [prəu'dʌktiv]
adj. 能生产的;生产的,生产性的;多产的;富有成效的

ascertain [,æsə'tein]
vt. 确定;查明;探知

mortgage ['mɔ:ɡidʒ]
vt. 抵押n. 抵押

undermine [,ʌndə'main]
vt. 破坏,渐渐破坏;挖掘地基

demographic [,demə'ɡræfik,-kəl]
adj. 人口统计学的;人口学的