Actor Ron Glass Dies At Age 71

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Actor Ron Glass has died. He was 71. Glass is best remembered for his role on the sitcom "Barney Miller," where he played wry NYPD Detective Ron Harris.


RON GLASS: (As Ron Harris) Hello. Yes, ma'am. Well, I'm real sorry about the interference, but there's nothing we can do about pigeons on your antenna.


GLASS: (As Ron Harris) Yes, ma'am. Well, you see, we tried arresting them once. But the handcuffs kept slipping off their little feet.

WERTHEIMER: That role earned Glass an Emmy nomination in 1982. Raised in Evansville, Ind., Ron Glass received a degree in drama and literature from the University of Evansville. After college, he moved to Minneapolis and acted in regional theater before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career on screen.

Glass was a prolific television actor. His career began with a guest appearance on "All In The Family" in 1973. He went on to appear in more than 50 television shows, including "Sanford And Son," "Friends," "Star Trek: Voyager" and "Firefly." Glass died of respiratory failure on Friday night, according to his agent Jeffrey Leavitt, who added, Ron was a private, gentle and caring man. He was an absolute delight to watch on screen.