Unit 2:考虑现实问题 Reality Check

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    Reality Check 考虑现实问题 Kathy and Evan continue discussing the possibility of going to Europe for a trip. 凯西和艾凡继续讨论到欧洲旅行一趟的可能性。 Evan:That would be great, just you and me traveling around Europe. But,wait. Reality check. 艾凡:就只有你和我到欧洲旅行,这太棒了。不过且慢。考虑一下现实问题。 Kathy:But what? You mean it's too expensive? 凯西:考虑什么?你的意思是到欧洲旅行太贵了。 Evan:Precisely! Do you know how much it would cost? I could afford the air fare maybe, but, you know, the hotels and everything would be pricey. 艾凡:完全正确!你知道那要花多少钱吗?我也许可以负担机票钱,但是,你知道旅馆和其它所有的费用很花钱的。 Kathy:But we wouldn't have to stay in hotels. 凯西:但是我们并不需要住在旅馆啊。 Evan:We wouldn't? 艾凡:不用吗? Kathy:Of course not. We might be able to stay with our relatives. Even if we couldn't, we could always stay in hostels. 凯西:当然不用。我们也许可以住在我们亲戚家里。即使不能,也可以都住在青年旅社里。 Evan:I forgot about hostels! They're much cheaper. 艾凡:我忘了青年旅社,住那儿便宜多了。 Kathy:They certainly are. And we could take ground transportation throughout Europe, too. 凯西:当然。而且我们也可以走铁公路游欧洲。 Evan:And not buy too much. But can we get tickets in time? 艾凡:而且不要买太多东西。但是我们可以及时买到机票吗? Kathy:I don't know, but I do know a guy in my neighborhood who works in a travel agency. I could ask him. 凯西:我不知道,但我认识我家附近一个在旅行社工作的人。我可以问他。 Evan:Oh? Who is this guy? 艾凡:哦?这家伙是谁? Kathy:Oh? Aren't we jealous all of a sudden! 凯西:哦?我是不是突然闻到一股醋味呢!

    1.afford 负担得起
    can/cannot afford+N/to V能够/不能够负担得起……
    例:I cannot afford(to buv)。new car now,but I },lan to buv one next vear.

    2.fare fee 费用

    fare常用于表示付“交通工具”的费用,如:air- fare(机票钱),bus fare(公交车钱)和taxi fare(出租车费)
    例:the taxi fare in Beijing is very reasonable.
    The },iano teacher's fee was high,but hen instruction was very good

    3 . pricey 昂贵的
    例:New CDs are y-icey nowadays.

    4. hostel n.青年旅社

    5.be jealous of...嫉妒……
    jealous }}dgElas} a.嫉妒的
    例:Venv young children are often jealous of their newborn brothers or slsteT's.

    6. all of a sudden突然,骤然(=suddenly)
    例:It was bright and sunny when we went out,but when we reached the park,it started to rain all of a sudden.