Unit 5:拜访旅行社 Visiting a Travel Agency

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    Visiting a Travel Agency 拜访旅行社 Kathy enters a travel agency. Rick Kent greets her. 凯西走进一家旅行社。瑞克?肯特迎接她。 Rick:Hi, Kathy. Please have a seat here. Now, how can I help you? 瑞克:嗨,凯西。请坐。好,有什么事我可以为你效劳吗? Kathy:Thanks, Rick. A friend and I are planning a trip to visit northern Europe, and I need someinformation on airline flights. 凯西:瑞克,谢谢。我和一个朋友计划一趟游览北欧之旅,需要一些有关航空班机的资料。 Rick:I see. Are you interested in taking a tour? 瑞克:我懂了。你想跟团吗? Kathy:No, thanks. We're determined to go on our own. 凯西:不想,谢谢。我们决定自助旅行。 Rick:I see. What country or countries do you want to visit? 瑞克:我明白了。你们想去哪个或哪些国家? Kathy:We'd like to visit Holland, Denmark, and Sweden. 凯西:我们想去荷兰、丹麦和瑞典。 Rick:No problem. You can fly in and out of Amsterdam from New York. Then you can take groundtransportation in Europe. 瑞克:没问题。你们可以从纽约搭飞机往返阿姆斯特丹。然后你们可以在欧洲搭乘陆上(铁公路)交通工具。 Kathy:It sounds so easy. 凯西:听起来很简单嘛。 Rick:It is. Here, I'll give you a computer print-out of all the flights. Anything else? 瑞克:是很容易。来,我会给你一份所有班机时间的计算机印表资料。还有其它事情吗? Kathy:Not just now. I want to talk this over with my friend first. 凯西:目前没有。我想先和我朋友讨论一下。 Rick:Of course. Just take your time. See you next time. Bye. 瑞克:当然。你们可以慢慢来。下次见了,拜。 Kathy:Thanks so much. Bye. 凯西:非常谢谢你,拜。

    1.(Please ) have a seat.请坐,请就座。
    Please take a seat.
    Please be seated.
    Please sit clown.
    2. I need some information on airline flights.
    =I need some information about airline flinhts.
    例:1lnthun wrote an article on the history of Hunnmy
    3. tour 游览,观光
    例:We took a walking tour of Vienna on ou:vacation there.
    If you tour Euno},e by bus,you will see more of the countnvside than if youfIv from ,lace to,lace.
    4. be determined to V 下定决心…
    例:I'm determined to finish my y-oject before it is due next week.
    5.on one's own 独自地;靠自己
    例:You must learn to cook for yourself if you live on your own.
    Look,Mmgie!Little Susie has leaYned to击ess heYSelf on her own.
    6. print-out[}ynntiatSt} n.(计算机)打印.
    mint out....(计算机)印出……
    例:These y-int-outs are too light to see.
    Please y-int out three co},ies of the cas e for me,
    7. I want to talk this over with my friend first.
    =I want to talk about this with my friend first.