Unit 60:大自然的愤怒 Mother Nature's Fury

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    Mother Nature's Fury


    Kathy and Evan remain in the small hut throughout the storm.


    K:I'm so scared I'm shaking. But, you know, Nature can be strangely beautiful, even when it's violent.


    E:I believe there's a reason for everything, Kathy. Do you?


    K:Yeah, I guess I do. Even when bad things happen, I guess they must happen for a reason. I don't understand why, but I have this trust or optimism in the future.


    E:So do I. Another bolt of lightning.Get ready! That was a really close one. Immediately after Evan speaks, there is a deafening crash of thunder.

    艾凡:我也是。又一道闪电注意了!这次的雷电离我们很近哦。 就在艾凡讲完话后,震耳欲聋的雷声响起。

    K:Aah! Oh, did it hit us?


    E:Just about. But remember, if it had, you wouldn't have been able to ask that question!


    K:Oh, Evan. You're always so calm and in control. How do you do it?


    E:Are you kidding? I'm shaking in my boots. But I have to stay calm so we both don't panic.


    K:A typical man. But I love you anyway, uh, I mean, I really like you.


    E:I really like you too, Kathy.


    1. fury 愤怒

    2. be scared害怕

    3. violent 狂暴的;粗暴的

    4. have trust in…对……有信心

    5. optimism 乐观(主义)

    optimistic 乐观的

    pressimistic 悲观的

    6. deafening 震耳欲聋的

    7. be in control 在控制中

    he out of control 失控

    8. be shaking in one's boots某人怕得要命

    boot 长靴

    9. typical 典型的