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Notre-dame is a Romanesque church located in the center of Paris. Construction of the church began in 1163during the reign of Louis Ⅶ and completed roughly 180 years later in about 1345.


It is famous not only for Victor Hugo's famous novel but also for its gothic architechture which was considered to be the sign of European architecture. It has very distinctive architecture style and had been called "the symphony of stone". There are 3 doorways called the kings gallery on which 28 portraits of the king in Jewand Israel were hanging. There is handly and decoration inside the church. The main hall that hadheld a lot of important ceremonies can hold nearly 9000 persons.

它不仅仅是因为雨果的小说而闻名于世,而且因为它那哥特式的建筑被认为是欧洲建筑的标志。它具有非常明显的建筑风格,被称为“石头交响曲”。巴黎圣母院有三道门,被称为国王大厅,大厅里悬挂着犹太人和以色列人28位国王的画像。教堂内几乎没有什么装饰。主厅内曾进行过很多重要的典礼,大厅一次可以将近 9000人。