Unit 9:石家庄的自然概况

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Shijiazhuang is the provincial capital of Hebei Province 280 km(174 miles)southwest of Beijing. It is the center of the provincial politics,economy,science and technology,finance,culture and information. It is the city where the State Council sanctioned to implement coastal open policy and to allow finance opening to the outside world. What's more,it is a major railroad junction for northern China,and home of China's largest pharmaceutical factor and a center for the study of traditional Chinese medicine.

Shijiazhuang was little more than a village in Huolu County until the beginning of the 20th century,when it became a transit point on the railway from Beijing to Wuhan in the south. Construction of a second rail line between nearby Zhengding and the northern city of Taiyuan in 1907 led to further expansion of the city. Since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949,Shijiazhuang has become a political and economic center of Hebei Province,and a center of the pharmaceutical industry.

Shijiazhuang municipality has jurisdiction over 6 districts,17 counties(or county-level cities ),and a high and new technology development zone. Among them,there ore altogether 114 towns,108 townships,43 offices,4 488 administrative villoges,449 resident committees and 195 home committees. Shijiazhuang covers a total area of 15 800 square kilometers with a population of 1.6 million.
石家庄市辖6个区,17个县(或县级市),一个高新技术开发区。共有114个镇,108个乡,43个办事处,4 488个行政村,449个居委会,195个家委会。全市面积为1.58万平方公里,市区人口160万。