Unit 28:大连的地方特色

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With its beautiful scenery and pleasant environment,Dalian is backed by mountains and facing the sea. It is not only one of China's famous sea-shore touring cities,but also a summer resort,a sanitarium as well as a holiday resort. It faces the mist-covered water of the vast Pacific Ocean. There are a lot of bays near the sea,with reefs scattering about. The landform here is truly unique. All these elements have composed an elegant,quiet and bright seashore scenery with a clear sky,blue sea,white sand and black reefs as its characteristic. Looking out at Dalian from the sea,one can see an even more marvelous,splendid and attractive scenery. Islands in emerald shape such as the famous Snake Island and Birds Island scatter here and there along the coastlines of over 1000 kilometers. Be-sides all these,Dalian's peerless seafood,bathing places with clean water and superior sand,as well as yachts that are dashing cheerfully,attract tourists in a prevailing way. 大连依山傍海,景色秀丽,是中国著名的海滨旅游城市和避暑、疗养、休假胜地。它面向烟波浩森的太平洋,临海处海湾较多,礁石错落,地貌奇特,构成了以蓝天、碧海、白沙、黑礁为特色的幽雅明丽的海滨风光。从大海上遥望大连,景色更加精采迷人,一千多公里的海岸线f撒满了一个个绿宝石状的岛屿,有遐名世界的蛇岛和鸟岛等等。大连还有美味绝伦的海鲜,水洁沙优的浴场,欢快飞奔的游艇,这一切都令人神往。

Large-scale activities such as the already-famous Dalian International Fashion Festival,Import & Export Commodities Fair, Spring Festival Fireworks & Firecrackers Gathering,Acacia Flower Festival,International Marathon and the Ice Lantern Meets in Bingyu Valley and so on are held here in Dalian every year. 大连每年都会举行已蜚声海内外的国际服装节,商品进出口交易会、烟花爆竹迎春会、赏槐会、国际马拉松赛、冰峪冰灯会等大型活动。 The urban architectural style of Dalian is distinctive,with classical and modern buildings enhancing one another's beauty. The major architectural feature of Dalian is that it takes squares as the center,with streets radiating in various directions. Owing to the fact that a small scrap place can be called a square so long as there are streets radiating to the four directions,squares in Dalian are especially many. The urban area of Dalian has over 80 squares. Dalian not only has the most squares,its square culture is the riches and most colourful as well. Besides the green space,the pigeons,the sculptures and the eruptive fountains,there are the unique female mounted policemen and the waltz here in Dalian,too. 大连城市建筑别具一格,古典式与现代式交相辉映。大连的一大特色就是以广场为中心,街道向四面八方辐射。大连的广场特别多,不大的一小块地方,只要有四面辐射的街道,就称之为广场。全城有80多个广场。大连不仅广场最多,广场文化也同样丰富多彩,绿地、白鸽、雕塑、喷泉自不用说,还有全国独一无二的女骑警和圆舞曲。